Wild clary – beauty on the verge

Blue-purple spikes of wild clary on the verge by the doctor’s surgery

Yesterday I went to post a letter. In these abnormal times this has become news! To my delight I found wild clary’s long spikes of deep blue-purple along the verge by the doctor’s surgery. I’m sure last time I looked they were not there. Maybe the rain has helped them shoot up.

Wild clary is a salvia. I am tending a couple of salvias in my garden, yet here they are growing wild for all to delight in. Reading up I’m told their wrinkled, toothed leaves have a faint sage scent. Next time I am passing I will give one a rub. Something outside the house that is safe to touch…

Wild clary’s wrinkled, toothed leaves and square stem
and deep blue-purple, two lipped flowers

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